Mini Pottery

Unpainted Ceramic Bisque by Tim Van Schmidt

Standard Dollhouse Miniature scale: one inch to one foot

These miniature ceramic bisque items are handmade by an American craftsman in Fort Collins, Colorado. They can be painted, dyed, decorated, glazed or left as is!! Each is “slip cast” in an original design plaster mold. The pieces are then dried, sanded and scrubbed, then smoothed with a wet sponge. Then the pieces are fired in a standard electric kiln to cone 04. The bisque is hard and ready to be painted. Crafters can use a wide variety of paint or ink for decoration, or ceramic glaze fired to cone 06.

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My Story

My family has been producing ceramic items for nearly five decades. At first, we made full sized items, but in the late 1970s, my father went into a miniature shop in San Diego and came out inspired to make miniatures. He and my mother worked on some original designs and founded Skycrest Ceramics. Since then, my folks, my aunt and uncle, my brothers and sisters-in-law, as well as myself and my wife, all worked in the miniature business during its hey day. Everyone, including my parents, have since retired- except for me. I am still carrying on the family business, shipping these original miniatures all over the world…Tim Van Schmidt